Objective: Increase community involvement, pride, and ownership

Tasks Performance Measures
Increase citizen participation at Neighborhood Associations meetings and in community social Non-Governmental Organizations. Increased participation and active members in the four Neighborhood Associations and various local Non-Governmental Organizations.
Establish a mentoring program for new Neighborhood Associations leadership, block leader program, and ReNewport Leadership training. Program established by Neighborhood Associations leading to longer term participation and succession plan/options for Neighborhood Associations – creation of written training document/information.
Neighborhood Associations leadership participates in the annual summit of regional Neighborhood Associations groups. Attendees gain knowledge and strategies related to growth of the Newport Neighborhood Associations that results in increased community engagement at the Neighborhood Associations level locally and regionally.
Block leaders coordinate localized potluck block parties and events and promote camaraderie and familiarity among neighbors. Increased relationships and trust between immediate neighbors.
Promote unity amongst all residents of Newport through joint block parties, fundraisers, and events (organized by Neighborhood Associations summit leadership). Multiple joint events per year that are organized with the purpose of bringing together all residents of Newport for shared fundraising and/or fostering unified community relationships.
Encourage involvement and participation of Newport residents in the government and board of education decision making process. Increase in attendance of residents at board of education public meetings and city government public sessions. Increased access to agendas and minutes of government meetings.
Increase of voter registration and election participation in the City of Newport. Increase % of residents registered and voting in each local, state, and federal election process.
Establish an early action micro grant program supporting small citizen driven neighborhood improvement/events. Residents applying for micro grants for community projects/events and funds being properly granted and utilized.

Objective: Provide a unified web and social media presence promoting events and information related to all things Newport

Tasks Performance Measures
Establish a web and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) presence for ReNewport Inc. Full website creation and an active non-static ongoing ReNewport social media presence.
ReNewport website unifies and becomes a hub for information from websites/social media of city government, Neighborhood Associations, local schools, media, and businesses. Visitors to ReNewport.com can link to most/all of the relevant content for City of Newport citizen, social, and government organizations under one web presence.

Objective: Eliminate barriers, increase community diversity, and engage minority populations in Newport citizen activities, government, and volunteering

Tasks Performance Measures
Identify leaders of the under involved minority populations in Newport and integrate them into the current community engagement objectives. Inclusion of minority populations in ongoing relationship building occurring within the city through Neighborhood Associations, ReNewport, and other social engagement groups.
Promote inclusion and employment of bi/multilingual employees in government and education positions. Increase in the bi/multilingual employees working for the city and schools.
Hire, contract, or consult a diversity promotion manager for City of Newport employment. Increase in diversity in the employment throughout the City of Newport.
Expand current city-wide events to include cultural elements of minority populations (e.g. world-fest). Inclusion of a broader variety of cultural and ethnic elements in events occurring within the city of Newport. Increase in minority participation and attendance.
Improve early education readiness of minority children through programs targeting pre-K children. Improvement of minority student/children preparation for early elementary education resulting in longer term academic success.
Improve language skills of adult non-English speaking residents through English as a second language courses. Course offered to non-English speaking residents of Newport resulting in increased participation in community and government activities.
Provide a student-mentor program to Newport children through the languages department at local high schools or universities to break down language barriers. Program created that matches bilingual students with minority non-English speaking Newport children resulting in increased academic achievement and social skills.
Expand Newport informational documents, government documents, ReNewport web information, Newport library services, to offer translated non-English materials. Increase in materials and information offered to residents in various translated languages.