Objective: Increase permanent, local, high wage employment opportunities

Tasks Performance Measures
Focus on creating high tech, light manufacturing, pharmaceutical, high end office jobs, and other living wage employment opportunities along the KY 9 corridor. Stronger tax base to support community services.
Support job training programs for Newport residents. Increased average income of Newport residents.
Increase resident accessibility to living wage employment opportunities. Increased average income of Newport residents.
Increase options for quality, affordable child care for parents in the workforce. Increased formal day care options.
Increase transportation options and routes. Alternate options are developed and accessible for residents
Collaborate with TANK to provide additional and more efficient route services based on frequency. Increased routes within Newport and to work place destinations outside of the city.
Ensure bus stops are safe and pedestrian friendly. All bus stops/Southbank Shuttle stops are pedestrian friendly and safe.
Develop partnerships to endorse ride share platform. Increased car pooling.
Create safe and efficient bike lanes that connect Newport with the region, providing alternative transportation to jobs and other locations. Bike lanes created.

Objective: Encourage and support quality development that fits the character of our neighborhoods

Tasks Performance Measures
Invest in the core of the Monmouth Street Business District. Renovated buildings, new construction, replace substandard buildings/uses with positive development.
Foster unique entrepreneurial ideas, ‘now’ destination businesses, retail shops and maker’s spaces. New and ‘Now’ dining and retail options calling Newport home.
Prioritize investment in commercial space along major thoroughfares.
Commit financial resources to encourage investment.
Create concentrated parking investments, such as parking garages and alley lots that create development opportunities in parking lots fronting Monmouth and York Streets. Increase parking options for Monmouth and York Streets.
Create infrastructure improvement funding mechanism – Westside TIF District. Task Force suggests boundaries of Saratoga to the Licking Flood Wall, and 3rd St to 6th Street. 50% of incremental taxes (resultant of tax revenue increase due to development) would be put into fund for facade gap financing. TIF District established.
Install traffic calming measures creating pedestrian protections, and space for beautification/street scape and business expansion. New bike lanes and bump outs, two way traffic patterns on Monmouth and York Streets. Increased patronage of local businesses. Continued to plan tree planting activities.
Organize business owners to create a Newport Improvement Business District Redevelopment initiatives throughout various Newport Business Districts

Objective: Invest in blighted properties and reuse historic buildings

Tasks Performance Measures
Sustain an effective Brownfield Revitalization Program to inventory, prioritize, assess, remediate and plan for highest and best reuse relative to community interest, economic development, and future development. Development of City Brownfield Task Force.
List of prioritized brownfield sites and assessment data used to address priority, based on risk.
Increased tax revenue from redeveloped properties, new jobs, new real estate developments.
Identify forgotten alley ways, prioritize them for beautification and efficiency. Rename alley way behind old Southgate School to honor the contributions of African American teachers. Fewer complaints from residents regarding the status of alley ways.
Encourage the effective reuse of historic buildings ensuring their preservation for future generations. Continued to work with developers to find an adaptive reuse of historic structures.
Develop a White Box Initiative to renovate blighted properties to a marketable status. White box initiative funded.

Objective: Maintain active and engaging riverfront area and make continual infrastructure improvements

Tasks Performance Measures
Make the Riverfront more walkable and bikeable. Attainment of KY Trail Town Status.
Continue progress on Riverfront Commons.
Beautify and stabilize the Riverfront Areas. Funds raised and beautification completed.

Objective: Create, promote and support Newport as a destination. Attract customers, visitors, and investment to Newport

Tasks Performance Measures
Economic Development Visioning Bus Tour. Successful bus tour held and stakeholders.
Create a visible Newport Brand, posted at the six main entrances to the city on billboards. Create a simultaneous campaign with commercials showing recent developments and attractions. A visible and recognizable Newport brand and advertising campaign.
Increase Tourism by activating historical sites, entertainment venues, tourism destinations, dining options, the Aquarium and new attractions. Increase tourism revenue.