Objective: Students are inspired and there are high expectations at NISD

Tasks Performance Measures
Develop Speakers’ Bureau of inspirational leaders to give monthly talks after school. Monthly inspirational talks occurring.
Establish a committee to define/communicate what high expectations mean in NISD. Committee formed and holds regular meeting, High Expectations communication rolled out.
Ambitious goals are established for what students will accomplish; students convinced they are possible. Lesson plans reflect ambitious goals. 1:1 Goal setting sessions w/students occurring.
Teachers work purposefully and relentlessly to help their students achieve their ambitious goal. Data tracking sheets/Notebooks are maintained, principals and teachers review.
Bi-annually, implement 3rd party independent reviews of NISD classroom practices. ELEOT Reviews completed. Ongoing Internal Teachscape reviews.

Objective: Increase safety measures at each school

Tasks Performance Measures
A Safety Committee is established to develop and oversee Safety/PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) Programs. Committees established and meeting regularly.
Assess current Safety/PBIS efforts, include feedback from educators, parents, and students. Assessment completed.
Research Safety/PBIS programs that have been successful in other school systems. Research Completed.
Develop and communicate an action plan and training that engages all stakeholders. Plan communicated.
Develop a “Safe City” marketing plan to reinforce that Newport Schools support positive behavior. Marketing plan communicated to city.

Objective: An outstanding gifted program is available to qualifying students

Tasks Performance Measures
School administrators, and parent volunteers will establish a Gifted Program Committee. Committee established.
Agree on the vision for gifted education. Consider International Baccalaureate. Vision is clear and agreed with parents and community.
Define teacher training plan to support program. Training program is defined and agreed.
Implement gifted program. Increased K-Prep and AP test scores.

Objective: NISD offers school arts programs which lead to enhanced interest in the arts, improved scores in school, and post-grad employment opportunities

Tasks Performance Measures
Agree to priority program for arts expansion. Program agreed by key stakeholders.
Identify partner organization and pilot program. Interest by parent and students is sufficient.
Meet with arts education partner to develop plan. No tax increase.
Develop performance series at NISD. Student retention and job placement. Parent satisfaction rates.

Objective: Establish a K-12 magnet program that raises student achievement in Newport

Tasks Performance Measures
Develop a research plan to determine the most appealing and sustainable education theme that will draw a diverse range of families and top teachers. Theme results in necessary critical mass of students.
Cultivate community resources to ensure commitment and involvement. All ideas are vetted with parents and community.
Set the Vision, Mission, “Attendance Zone,” enrollment criteria, tuition and facilities plan to ensure student diversity and critical mass are achieved. Engage Outside Experts. Enrollment size and balance.
Transparent enrollment criteria to all.
Vision is clear and agreed with key partners.
Thorough SWOT analysis completed.
Set budget and determine internal/external funding. Include transportation, staffing, facilities and tuition plan. No tax increase.
Enables SES balance.
Parent satisfaction rates.
Magnet established. Percentage of Newport families educated in Newport.
‘Young Family’ population growing in Newport.

Objective: NISD offers excellent vocational training which keeps more kids in school and leads to more post-grad employment opportunities

Tasks Performance Measures
SWOT Analysis of current vocational training programs and student outcomes at NISD. Objective review document agreed.
Meet and align to plan with target NKY districts and partners. Clear list of gaps and ideas is agreed by the districts and partner organizations.
Agree to vocational plan, budget, implementation plan. No tax increase. Increase in the vocational options for students.
At least three internships established.
Expanded, Multi-District Vocational program launched. Student Retention and Job Placement.
Parent satisfaction rates.

Objective: Implement NewPromise Program to provide qualifying students free tuition to any accredited post-secondary program

Tasks Performance Measures
SWOT Analysis of current vocational training programs and student outcomes at NISD. Objective review document agreed.
Identify sustainable funding sources through a balance of cost reductions and fund raising/grants. 100% funded.
Hire K-12 consultant to audit current curriculum. Work with teachers to ensure graduate college readiness New curriculum focused on college and career readiness.
College readiness % > National Averages.
Seek external help through sessions on other cities’ Promise programs and sponsor host speakers. Full understanding of how to initiate and implement a Promise program.
Create a list of qualifying criteria that students must meet to qualify for the funds. Development of detailed requirements.
Create external support system. Partner with Upward Bound programs at local universities to provide instruction, tutoring, and mentoring. External support system created.
Student success at Post Secondary institutions.
Implement program, monitor progress of students. Graduation rates, college readiness.

Objective: Teachers are retained within the district and love to teach in Newport

Tasks Performance Measures
Teachers have a voice in school decision making. TELL Survey, ValEd, Plan communicated.
Teachers given learning and leadership opportunity. TELL Survey, ValEd, Professional Learning Survey.
Teachers are well compensated vs. other districts. Benchmark Analysis confirms.
Exit surveys to understand why a teacher leaves. Exit surveys conducted.

Objective: Provide a comprehensive Pre-K preparation program

Tasks Performance Measures
Explore expansion of existing preschool programs, to include a component for tuition based students. Increased percentage of kindergarten ready students.
Increase partnerships for extended preschool learning day with community involvement. Partnerships increased, solidified, and expanded.
Explore Summer Montessori and Toddler School. Research completed and considered.

Objective: Increase parental involvement in the school

Tasks Performance Measures
Parental involvement committee established, fielding survey to ask parents how to best engage them. Committee established.
Survey fielded.
Host events that bring families into the school. Percentage of Parental involvement and engagement.
Increase frequency and variety of communication w/parents. Percentage of Parental involvement and engagement.
Increase flexibility for accommodating family situations. Percentage of Parental involvement and engagement.