Objective: Increase and maintain the quality of neighborhood parks throughout Newport

Tasks Performance Measures
Engage residents, students, and greater community in improving parks. Volunteer hours spent in park improvements and planning.
Create a Newport Central Park. Creation of park.
Create a Cote Brillant Park. Creation of park.
Create new Westside Park to replace Bernadette Watkins Park. Creation of park.
Create a Skate Park or expand on current DIY Park. Creation of park or expansion of current one.
Create a Bicycle Park. Creation of park.

Objective: Increase the variety of features and amenities at parks

Tasks Performance Measures
Exercise equipment, wi-fi, running tracks, basketball courts, handicap features, batting cages, swimming pools, water features, skate park, and pump track. Attainment of KY Trail Town Status.
Continue Progress on Riverfront Commons.
Increase bike and dog friendliness at parks. Installation of dog waste bags and bike racks in parks.
Add functional city lights and water fountains in parks. Parks are well lit and have a working public water fountain.

Objective: Increase awareness of parks

Tasks Performance Measures
Create and display public signage and directions to the various parks in the city. Directions and signage to each park.
Promote parks on social media and various websites. Parks are promoted.

Objective: Create programming in Newport Parks, Monmouth Street, Blocks, Schools and general public places

Tasks Performance Measures
Strategically program specific areas that are suffering from blight/neglect to bring awareness and community interest to them. Amount of programming in blighted areas in a given year.
Use Place Making and Better Block Strategies when designing and executing programming. Programming has specific and strategic outcomes.
Create an efficient means of advertising programming events. Number of residents aware of programming and events.
Create locations and methods of electronic advertising around the city. Amount of electronic “message boards” throughout the city.
Create monthly newsletter advertising local events. Resident attendence at local events increased.

Objective: Increase bike-friendliness throughout the community

Tasks Performance Measures
Establish bike lanes/trails throughout community. Implement bike lanes in the city and create recreational trails.
Increase access to bikes. Increased use and access to biking.
Add Red Bike locations that fall in line with the communities Red Bike Master Plan. Number of Red Bike Stations increased
Safe Routes to School. Establish a walkable/bikeable “safe route to school.”
Community bike rides. Recurring community bike rides.
Community bicycle safety classes. Recurring community classes that teach bicycle safety.
Increase amount of bike racks throughout the city. Amount of bike racks in the city.

Objective: Foster a cleaner community

Tasks Performance Measures
Coordinate community clean-up dates. Number of volunteer hours.
Provide additional public trash cans and recycling bins throughout the city. Number of public trash cans within five block radius.
Establish free citywide curbside recycling. City wide curbside recycling started.

Objective: Promote greener community

Tasks Performance Measures
Coordinate community clean-up dates. Number of volunteer hours.
Plant more trees, flowers, and gardens. Number of newly planted trees and gardens.
Continue to support and expand annual tree

planting program.

The amount of new trees and/or gardens planted per year.
Continue community outreach for possible locations of new community gardens in the city. Neighborhood associations participation.
Capitalize on public space and vacant lots. Number of previously empty lots converted to public space.
Create green space, community gardens and pop-up space in vacant lots through place making. Turn at least one vacant lot into public space or beautify through “place making” a year.
Use vacant lots for tiny living. Number of tiny homes on previously vacant lots.

Objective: Promote greener community

Tasks Performance Measures
Create murals, sculptures, and fountains throughout the city. Increased public art throughout the city.
Quarterly/Annual Public Art Event. Number of public art events held annually.
Creation of a Community Arts Center. The creation and use of an Arts Center.
Create a Newport Art Campaign or Committee to promote the arts within the city. Art campaign committee created.