Community Engagement Vision:

Ownership and unified pride are central to the community identity. Residents, neighborhood associations, public officials, businesses, and local stakeholders communicate, collaborate, and interact transparently with one another, nurturing an involved community.

Park Group Photo
Neighbors coming together to improve out parks

Improving any community requires the involvement of the residents, local businesses, and stakeholders in the process. People are the driving force for change and development within all cities, and Newport is no different. Newport is bursting with residents and groups that are already engaged and are ready to continue their effort into the future.

The City, neighborhood associations, and a thriving base of non-governmental organizations including business, social, and issue centered action groups are already working toward many of the goals of ReNewport. It is vital that all these groups join forces and share ideas and resources if ReNewport is to succeed in its strategies.

Observable gaps exist between the citizen populations of Newport created by commercial district barriers, socioeconomic classes, and racial/ethnic divides that must be bridged to achieve unity of purpose in our populace. Increases in voter registration/turnout, involvement in government/education, and expansion of foreign language and specialized education programs will begin to break down barriers for under involved populations leading to a community that is more diverse, more active, and more engaged in the process of improving our city.

Our Strategies

  1. Uniting the residents of Newport through leadership cooperation, the coordination of events and projects, and increasing membership and participation in existing entities.
  2. Promotion of diversity and inclusion of minority residents in our community events, groups, and projects.
  3. Establish an active and fluid web presence that is a hub for all information and groups in the City of Newport.

Community Engagement Vision: