Education Vision:

Education in Newport empowers all children to achieve excellence in the classroom and make positive contributions to our world. The top-notch quality of education offered is a draw for residents and businesses to the city, and students are rewarded with desirable post-secondary options and employment opportunities.

This is possible because the well-being and success of our students are at the forefront of our educational approach, taking into account the city’s demographics and diversity.  We leverage the strengths of our public/private schools, residents, and innovative programs to create an environment where all students love learning and teachers love teaching. Our families are active, engaged and welcomed partners in their child’s education. Education is a point of pride for Newport.

Successful and thriving schools are critical to Newport’s future. Recent improvements have been energizing, and the strategic plan outlined below will provide the needed acceleration to this progress and act as the catalyst for further change.  This plan, built out of collaboration between community residents and the Newport Independent School District (NISD), will result in education being a key strength for the city.



1. Core NISD: Focus on core district improvements to achieve recognition of NISD as a high performing school system offering a quality education.

2. Expanded Offerings:  Increase the educational choices in Newport to meet the needs of all Newport kids.

3. Pre-K and Post-Grad Programs: Expand support beyond the in-school K-12 experience through Pre-K prep, parental involvement, and Post-Grad financial support to maximize the success of all students.

Education Objectives: