Health, Wellness & Safety Vision:

Community access to healthy activities and health services are increased to meet all of our residents’ needs. The physical environment encourages healthier choices and helps reduce overall health burdens for the region. By fostering a healthier community we aid the establishment of safer routes to school and encourage healthier habits at an earlier age in our children.

Health networks and organizations work in concert to create greater regional impact as a model for cooperative services. First responders and police continue to receive tools and support needed to counter every emergency effectively and efficiently. Rehabilitative, treatment, and reentry are available to help people establish safer living environments for themselves and their families. Community, public officials, and local businesses act as partners to create effective programs that address the needs of every resident.

By increasing our health, wellness, and safety we can make Newport a more desirable home for all of its residents. Newport is generally an active community, and it hosts a number of fitness-based businesses that focus on improving citizen wellness. Our accessible parks are well suited for our residents to host their own fun healthy activities and family events.

This section focuses on creating catalyst conditions to help build the community organically and empower our residents’ to contribute to other components of the plan. Items like bike lanes don’t just increase health and safety, they also allow new economic development corridors and business models to be formed within our city.

The City of Newport, area health partners, and residents themselves will all play key roles in our shared goals, as we move forward with this plan. A healthier and safer Newport is coming and we can all shape what that looks like.

Where there wasn’t an existing program, we sought to create one. If there is an existing program, we pursued ways to improve community support for these shared goals. City government and residents will need to continue to partner on many tasks the plan to achieve our objectives on a healthier and safer city, for all of Newport.

Ensuring the overall health and safety of residents can establish a permanent culture of wellness for the entire City of Newport.  Find out how to get involved in a variety of health and safety programs that will truly change the future of Newport and its residents. A healthy community is a happy community!

Health, Wellness & Safety Objectives: