Housing Vision:

Housing options in Newport are attractive and cultivate a vibrant and economically diverse community. Development is focused on market rate home ownership, rehabilitation and renovation. Our historic housing stock is recognized and valued. Property owners have access to public, private market, and community resources to facilitate improvement and maintenance. Landlords and renters understand their rights and responsibilities and are partners in community improvement. Creation and enforcement of transparent and equitable city zoning, building codes, and landlord licensure. Newport will end homelessness through community and regional collaboration.

New home construction in Newport

The history of Newport is written in its housing. From simple Shotgun Cottages to Colonial Revival, Victorian, Italianate, and Craftsman styles, Newport’s eclectic housing reflects our diverse and culturally rich community. As renters and homeowners we recognize the need for housing options that meet the tastes and finances of the entire community.

Newport is a short bike ride or walk to Cincinnati, Covington and Bellevue. It is at the center of the Northern Kentucky riverfront, attracting many people looking for a personable community that is both walkable and has direct accessibility to several major interstate highways.

Following in the footsteps of the East Row Historic Foundation’s 30 plus years of revitalization efforts, Newport’s west basin and hill areas are ripe for revitalization. With “million dollar views” from Newport’s basin, and panoramic vistas from the hilltop neighborhoods of Clifton and Cote Brilliante, there is much to offer visitors and residents. Newport’s historic architecture deserves to be saved and offers a unique opportunity for those with a little grit and imagination. Establishing or expanding national and local historic status on Newport’s west side will support revitalization efforts.

Like all urban communities, Newport faces housing challenges from blight, foreclosed homes, poverty, and homelessness. These are complex problems that require a collaborative effort between the residents of Newport, city leadership, and community organizations. Whether we live on the East Side, West Side, or the Hill and beyond, we are one community and we share a vision for the best possible Newport.

Housing Objectives: