Parks, Recreation & Beautification Vision:

Newport is a cleaner, greener, more accessible, walkable, and beautiful city. Public officials encourage regular neighborhood cleanups and provide citywide recycling. Every resident resides within five blocks of green space, regularly frequenting parks, gardens, bike routes, and other recreational spaces. Neighborhoods, businesses, and public officials work together to sponsor flower and tree planting, as well as garden installation. The community and city work together to create programming for parks, vacant spaces and the riverfront to encourage an active and healthy community.

Some of the first things you notice when entering Newport are murals on the side of buildings, green space mixed in with historic architecture, and the hustle and bustle of active streets. Art, green space, and recreation opportunities are some of the qualities that truly make a city stand out and some of the top reasons why people want to call that city home.

Parks, Recreation and Beautification Strategies:

In Newport, there are currently several small neighborhood parks. Thanks to resident led organizations like the Newport Parks Renaissance Commission, these parks have been improved with new infrastructure, landscaping and event planning that created resurgence in park use and interest. This resurgence increased conversation about how to create a central park in the city, an attraction many residents desire.

There are also many individuals hoping to further increase the beauty of the city. Many talented artists call Newport home and approach our city as a potential canvas. Whether by planting more trees in our streetscape, or showcasing more art in our public spaces, or even the creation of a community arts center, there are enormous opportunities to integrate beauty into the fabric of our city. In addition, one of the best ways to have a happy and healthy community is through positive recreation. There are abundant opportunities for recreation in Newport. Events are featured at our parks; art showcases, biking, and hiking along the riverfront.

With the amount of energy and passion the community is showing; Newport will continue to be one of the top destinations for parks, arts, and recreation in Northern Kentucky.

Parks, Recreation & Beautification Objectives: